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Plan, Design, Record: A Digital Mid-Year Planner, Scrapbook & Journal all in one (For GoodNotes)


The Plan, Design, Record system was designed to empower you by giving you creative freedom to plan for the things that are relevant to your day, and to customize your notebook to meet your exact needs.


You can plan and organize your to-do list, take notes, or manage your expenses. Design pages that feature your favorite photo or record the memories that matter using any combination of our included templates and sticker sets. However you use this notebook, do it confidently, knowing it was designed just for you!

(*Note: We have videos sharing tips and tutorials for this notebook coming soon, so watch for those! Also, follow us on Instagram for more information as well.)


• Mid-year planner includes hyperlinked yearly, monthly and weekly pages for the entire year, and also daily pages for July-December 2021.


• Over 850+ planning, designing, and journaling stickers are included!



1 GoodNotes file (Contains 475 total hyperlinked pages in the notebook)