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Photo Prompt Monday

February 18, 2013

Happy Monday Weedsters, I hope you are all ready for another photo prompt.

My photo prompt for this week is the word ‘ARTIFACT‘. According to an online dictionary the definition of artifact is ‘ an item of cultural or historical interest’.

This week I have been doing alot of clearing out and moving things around at home and in one of my many, many handbags which I had decided to organise and store in a new place, I came across my dad’s dog tags from World War 2. I had put these in a ‘safe’ place when dad died and had forgotten about them but I am so glad I found them as they reminded me that we have alot of other WW2 memorabilia that I know dad would want my son to have. So I have been searching it all out and revisiting alot of stories and memories of dad in the process. There have been many smiles and a few tears too.

This got me thinking about how things can hold so many memories for us but often we don’t photograph them, concentrating instead on photographing people. My prompt for this week is to photograph an artifact from your family’s past that holds memories for you. I’m off to photograph some of the first drawing my kids brought home from school now 🙂

Happy Hunting Weedsters, I look forward to seeing your photos and perhaps hearing about the stories behind them.

I have created a thread in the forum for Photo Prompts and if you want to upload your photos there to share with everyone then go right ahead, sometimes it’s nice to see what others do with the same prompt.   And you may win some fun spending $$ at the same time as we will be choosing one photo a week to win a $5 coupon!

Photos to be uploaded by midnight on Sunday 24th February.

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