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Photo Prompt challenge # 21/2010

June 10, 2010

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Everyday we seem to do the same old routine tasks, see the same old little bits ‘n pieces in our homes. What we often don’t realise that over time, these things slowly change. Every now and then you may think back and say “remember that?” or “remember when…?”.

Well this week your task is to capture something of your ‘everyday’ in a photo. Perhaps you might even want to do a series of photos to share with us?  This can be done in any way you choose. Here’s a thought : why not focus {‘scuse the pun!} on routine little details of your ‘everyday’ for a day {or perhaps even the whole week}?

It’s in the  DeTailS…

So there’s the challenge. Now get snapping and then upload your photo as usual to the gallery and then post a link back in he forum so you can grab a  1/4 Petal point.

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