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‘Everyday Life’ Templates in COMPLETE Album Format

May 5, 2022

Guys!! I decided I wanted my original Everyday Life templates in a COMPLETE album format, just all laid out and ready to go, the months labeled etc, so that I could go to past years and just drop in my photos. So I made a new version, and tried them out. They are the BEST. I just did my month of January in less than an hour. All I did was:

✔️I organized my photos by date (whatever I had, I didn’t stress if I missed a day), or if I had more then 1 photo for that day, no problem, it’s super versatile. 

✔️I uploaded them to Canva and pulled them onto the template one by one, stretching the squares if I had a photo I wanted larger or wanted to highlight. 

✔️Added a page here and there if I had more photos in that month. 

✔️ Edited the dates and journaling. 

✔️I also added a miscellaneous page for any additional photos you may have at the end of the month that is so easy to use. 

And I had my January 2021 finished! I’m so excited to whip through the year and get it done so that I can print it. Will post more as I go! 

➡️ This complete Everyday Life album will be in the Shoppe soon, so stay tuned!! 

xo Gina ❤️❤️❤️

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